Long Time, No…. Write?

Hello my amazing (and slightly nonexistent) audience! How are you all doing?

Everyone’s favorite time of the year has come, autumn. Hello flannel, Starbucks and BWG (basic white girling). But also Halloween. Obviously I am going to an All Hallow’s Eve party and dressed as a cat. Just kidding, I am doing a skeleton. I am wearing all black and doing some lovely makeup (which I am fairly good at if I do say so myself). One of our fall shows opens this week, it’s All My Sons by Arthur Miller. Very sad. I am working box office. The show I am in, Cyrano, opens next week. So it’s basically two weeks of neverending hell knowwn in the theater world as ‘tech week’.

Another interestig development that has occured has to do with Lifeguarding. I am taking a class for certification. We are doing “submerged passive victim rescues”. This means that your partner sinks themselves to the bottom of the pool and stays there (even though it is not an emergency situation it is still very stressful because how long can they actually hold their breath). The lifeguard then swims out, preforms a 13 foot surface dive and pulls the victim (who is pretending to be unconcious) to the surface. Sounds easy? No. It is not. It is pulling up not only your body weight but the deadweight of another person as well with one arm and your legs. Then you must gracefully flop them onto the safety tube (the red floaty thing that doesn’t even resemble a tube) and swim them to he pool edge where you will then preform a backboard removal from the water. Obviously this is an important skill for a lifeguard to have. However, learning it makes your ears pop one too many times.

The joys of A.P. lang include: a 7 page paper written about ethos, pathos and logos that is focused around a book you read and that must be written in two days. Granted I do have some expirience with this because procrastination is a skill I am well aquainted with.  I read “Why Science Does Not Disprove God” by Amir Aczel. This results in me needing to write a paper that links two fields that completely contradict each other, science and religion, and support my claims with a tangled mixture of quantum physics and ridiculously obscure and slippery philosophical theories. Currently I am writing a blog post as opposed to the paper (I know, my motivation is to be admired).

Midterm terror has begun, study guide after study guide is being thrust upon us. What joy I find in cramming information into my already full head. And I decided on my first tattoo, “God is within her, she will not fail; he is with her at break of day” Psalm 46:5 to be inked on my inner left bicep in Kingthings Type font.

Other than that my month has been uneventful.

See you soon! Salutations: Mara

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