What about me? And other intersting topics.

As a internet presence there is no way to know me except from what I tell publicly. So I figured, why not start out on the right foot and make a positive first impression.

My name is Mara. I am a female. I am in high school. I absolutely adore theater and choir (wow, what a nerd right?). I have a passion for learning and leading and humor (I could not find a synonym that started with “l”). When I’m not participating in government required education I can usually be found sleeping, doing some form of continued education (i.e. homework), eating, running, swimming, dancing, or socialzing. I am a very extroverted person, although my people skills are questionable. I also love working with children, I have a younger sibling, as well as a small flock of younger cousins who I voluntariliy watch. I would say that is one of my talents (no deaths or life-threating injuries as of yet), along with singing (so far no reports of shattered eardrums), and a wide knowledge of cosmetology.

The next question that is asked by everyone would be either a.) what is your favorite color? or b.) what are your plans for the future? As I find color a boring topic, my favorite is black by the way (I’ve been told that this is actually a lack of color, however that hasn’t stopped me), I will tackle the goals question. My goals are to survive my current route of education and then seek a higher version, in the form of colledge. I would like to major in social services but I’m not quite sure what part yet. I am also not certain what colledge I would like to go to, my goal is shoot for prestigious. As was quoted by somebody who wasn’t me, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.”

Why the heck am I writing a blog? Does there seem to be a purpose? Am I trying to change the world? No. I am simply trying to record my life in the form of a permanent and not-looseable (is that a word?) online journal. I am also trying to give you an insight to the developing mind, the media is absolutely horrible at portraying us accurately (to this day I have never seen anyone’s lunch money stolen nor have I seen anyone wear 6 inch stilettos to school), and to entertain. I swear from this point on everything will not be so boring.

For now, signing off; Salutations, Mara

One thought on “What about me? And other intersting topics.

  1. I’m in college but I’m totally syncing with you right now. Like the way you write so I’m just gonna play around your site until i find the subscribe “button”. Slightly different views and intentions but still….love the writing. goodluck.


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